Our menu of frozen, ready to eat items emphasizes flavor, visual appeal, and convenience at a reasonable cost to the consumer. All of our items are made here at our factory in Ayutthaya, Thailand by hand without artificial flavorings or any preservatives. All of our items are fully cooked on site and kept frozen at -18 Degrees Celsius in our storage facilities before shipment.
We have a dedicated team of experts who can work with you to provide you the best product for your customers. Our experts can help you choose items from our menu and adjust our recipes, package concepts, and visual aesthetics to best fit your target market.

Handheld Packaging Features

As diverse as our menu, we offer a number of packaging solutions that combines convenience, durability, and unique designs. You can select a current design, or we can design a package based on your specifications.
- Made from 100% recyclable cardboard with PE coatings with water based inks and no glues.
- Pressed and sealed in our production facilities with steam or vibration techniques.
- Many of our packaging concepts can stand upright in store displays for efficient loading and easy
recognition by your customers.
- Designed to be microwaved from frozen or chilled temperatures in the store or at home.
- Designed with tear away strips to allow the customer to safely and efficiently eat the heated item.


Pizza Slice

This handheld item is designed to be easy to heat in a microwave yet provide delicious flavors at an affordable price. This product is perfect for customers on the go who want a quick, hot snack at an affordable price.


Pizza Rectangular


Pizza Bar

Like the Pizza Slice, the Pizza Bar is a great tasting item that is easy to heat in a microwave or oven. The rectangular design allows customers to easily handle and eat this product.



Pizza Crusts

Not only do we make finished products, but we can also be a supplier for other food manufacturers as well. Ideal for restaurant chains, supermarkets, and food suppliers, we hand form our crusts to ensure the highest quality to meet the exacting standards of these industries.
Our crusts come in a variety of flavors, sizes and thickness. Whatever your needs, we can work with your team to provide a great product at a great price.

Pan Pizza

The Pan Pizza comes in many varieties and sizes, from personal pan 7 inch to the family sized 12 inch. We can also adjust the thickness of the crust to your liking, from Deep Pan to Thin Crust. These pizzas are perfect for customers who want good flavors combined with quick and easy cooking at home. We can offer a large variety of toppings and flavors to best fit your target consumer.

Wrap & Burrito

The Wrap and Burrito are both handheld snacks that are made Tortilla shells instead of a pizza crust. The Tortilla shell offers a thin, crispy texture that compliments the unique flavors inside.



Like the Wrap, the Burrito uses a tortilla shell instead of pizza crusts. It has an open faced design meant to show customers instantly the fillings and items inside.



The Wrap is a closed sandwich using Tortilla shells and fillings. The Tortilla shell has a thin, crispy texture that compliments the unique flavors inside.



The Calzone is a traditional Italian folded pizza filled with sauce, meats and cheese. It has a unique visual profile that emphasizes a homemade appeal. We bake these handmade items to a light, golden brown finish while sealing all of the flavors inside.


Big L

The Big L is a chicken meat hot dog item wrapped in pastry that is designed to be easy to eat on the go.


Hot Sandwich


Submarine Sandwich

Air Line Catering

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